On online gambling in Belgium : Since early 2012, there is a legal framework within which it is possible to legal online gambling under the supervision of the Gaming Commission.

Less known is the fact that the offense is to play on sites that do not have a license granted by the Belgian government. Please note that not only the organizer of the illegal play is punishable, but also the player!

This site is your guide to play online in a fun, legal and safe manner without any worries or risks. Here you will also find information on the latest news , promotions and offers , and the best games and online casinos on the Belgian market . Have fun, and most importantly ... Luck!

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Our philosophy is that an online casino that has to spend less on advertising can spend more on its loyal customers and to the distribution of profits. They are not always the ones who cry the loudest or most in the spotlight walk where you , the customer can get the most out of . The site allows online gambling present their products in a customer - friendly way. We are committed to the game fair play and thus to promote only fair game. Only officially licensed sites so

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Online gambling in Belgium

With the exception of the National Lottery , was any form of gambling in Belgium between 1902 and 2000 , nearly 100 years at a stretch completely prohibited. Income from fees and taxes , however, were all that time (too) big temptation for the government, and so were actually illegal casinos tolerated and also include the vicissitudes of the armed bandits , the jackpots so etched in our collective memory.

In addition to semi-legal gambling , banned by the Ministry of Justice but burdened by the Ministry of Finance , there were of course the completely illegal , and there was pressure gekiend and lost seven -eleven and was gambled in back rooms and basements.

Towards the end of the millennium discontinue new technologies emerge and took some abuses and scandals the National press. But it was ultimately especially the new casino in Brussels, which is not possible without legal basis could exist , acted as a catalyst for the eventual legalization and regulation of gambling by means of the law of May 1999 .

These modern legislation included a completely new approach to the phenomenon of gambling. Then also the Gaming Commission took its entrance and the new legislation was tested in practice , many eyes focused on what happened in Belgium , then also online gambling it was integrated into the whole.

The EPIS list of excluded players and limiting the hourly loss is now the Belgian regulatory model for harmonizing the regulation of gambling in Europe


Especially First the usual overflow of the permit granted in recent months. Class B is first and foremost WinOnline , a completely new player on the scene.

This also means all unique and new games in its own look and where the player can set some preferences, such as background, design of cards or dice and so on.

Also unique to WinOnline is integrated in the games bonus system. The other newcomers Gold Vegas, Lucky Games and Panaché are still talking franchises Produweb and the circus group, the games can also be played in other locations and retrieved. Panaché however distinguished by a massive supply of no less than 41 different games! The sites provide online games and family game online (still) not at home, so we 'll have to wait a while.

Also at fortuna2000 is online play as yet nothing to fault. In Magicdice the game Rising Dice was added and announced a new game called Triple Choice . Class A is denoted since the granting of the license to Bwin , and thus now operates under the wing of the Casino Kursaal Oostende little movement

After Gold Palace offer Napoleon Games and circus, the latter under the name circusbet also sports wagers now. Information and self-help site gokhulp.be published a new brochure and a poster to make themselves known to the players. This site takes you back in our section other links


In almost all online casinos and online gambling you can claim a registration bonus . This usually varies between € 5.00 and € 10.00 . Almost always there are additional conditions , and these bonuses can not simply be collected without obligation . This also applies to the deposit bonuses, which are identical in most cases the amount of the initial deposit up to a maximum of € 100.00 . It is the intention to make acquaint with the games and the operation of the respective sites and not to hand out money on the street.

Met uitzondering van WinOnline noteerden wij overal verplichtingen inzake playtrough, soms ook wel troughput genoemd waarbij het bedrag van de bonus tussen de 20 en 30 maal moet worden ingezet, hetgeen in de praktijk soms tot onverwachte resultaten leidt. Tenzij je alleen maar verliest natuurlijk.

Overzichtelijk is het ook niet altijd, omdat het meestal niet duidelijk is wat nu juist bonus is en wat juist kan worden gecollecteerd. WinOnline, Casinobelgium, Miragegames en Goldenvegas houden de bonus en de normale account van elkaar gescheiden

Op dit moment: Magicdice biedt tijdelijk een registratiebonus aan van maar liefst €25,00. Bij Circus kan een Renault Twizy worden gewonnen in tournament mode. Bij Napoleongames zet men even alles in op de sportweddingschappen en biedt men kans op een VIP arrangement voor de finale in Wembley.